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Joe Jonas sitting down for lunch at Alfred Coffee & Kitchen in LA - [8/26]

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"The night before [we wrote it] I was out with my girl and this guy looked at her ass while we were out. I was all hyped up on the fighting I was doing. I was had to be like, “Okay, let’s stop for a minute.” Not only was I frustrated that he was disrespecting me like that, but also, I could…

Kevin, Danielle and Alena for People Magazine [x]


official polaroid of NICK JONAS photographed by ANGELO KRITIKOS for GALORE MAG 

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I’ve known Nick since we were fourteen and to be able to watch his success grow, I think he’s actually going to change the game and people aren’t expecting this from him. But he’s about to really, REALLY kill the game with his new music.

— Demi Lovato (via nemijovatos)

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